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Presentation of REV Slotters

The REV motorised Slotter is the new efficient slotting system on motorised CNC lathes.
The experience gained by the company over the years has allowed us to identify the major problems that arise in slotting processes and to develop the corrective solutions applied to the instrument.

The main aspects of the patented system (Patent no. 102017000050842 of 10/05/2017) are:

  • Correction of symmetry
    The correction system located at the front allows for symmetry corrections, allowing the tool to be moved perfectly along the Y axis and to be used correctly and effectively even on lathes without a Y axis. The operating range is 0.5mm Y + to 0.5mm Y-.
    The tool is perfectly phased by means of a sliding rail.
  • Longitudinal correction
    Correction system that acts on the linearity of the processing.
    If a Z axis longitudinal error in the processing should be noted, you can intervene on the instrument by turning a rear screw, which eliminates the error.
  • The REV motorised slotter allows for simple and fast machining both inside and outside, by simply changing the rotary motor of the motorised lathe axis and turning the tool by 180°.

Further to the good performance of the programs created for the tools so as to make instrument use more effective, REV technicians have developed a program for the motorised slotter that allows for easy and effective programming in very little time. These programs have been designed for all CNCs currently on the market.

The motorised slotter will be equipped with all the various types of tools produced by REV, to create key seats, panel profiles, hexagonal profiles and toothed profiles, all of which are available in standard stock.

Longitudinal error correction

Symmetric correction

External profile machining

Internal machining from full