Rev broaching tool

Broaching and slotting tools

The REV Broaching Tool is made with quenched and tempered tool steel. The section that houses the insert is hardened to 58/60 HRC, making it very resistant to compression and guaranteeing the tool a long service life. The REV Broaching Tool features 3.5 mm holes for the forced supply of coolant liquid which, in addition to lubricating and cooling the insert, are used to extract the chips, produced through broaching or slotting, out of the blind hole. The tool is available in two socket diameters (25 and 32). Two tool lines are available for each socket diameter: standard and long (identified by the suffix "L" in the code). We also produce special tools, based on customer demand, with great flexibility. The REV Broaching Tool differs from similar tools currently on the market by its patented eccentric bushing that completely eliminates symmetry errors. This bushing was provided so that any lathe without a Y-axis can perform processing in perfect alignment with the workpiece. The REV Broaching Tool guarantees low impact on the machine tool bearings. To date, none of the thousands of REV system users has reported issues of breakage or unusual wear caused by broaching on the CNC. Based on tests carried out by REV, the cutting force for executing key housings with a 20 mm width, for example, is comparable to the cutting force required for a common hole with a 14 mm diameter.