Rev broaching tool


The REV Broaching Tool can be used for processes requiring straight cuts, such as broaching tab or key housings, PTOs and internal gears, directly on CNC lathes, machining centres or milling machines, considerably faster and with remarkable precision. In addition to offering the significant advantage of not having to pick up the workpiece for broaching or slotting and set it up on another dedicated machine, the tool also makes sure the broaching process is carried out correctly, at the same time as the other processes. Used on slotting or shaping machines, the REV tool represents an excellent substitute for traditional tools, as it offers greater versatility thanks to the re-usable tool body and the replaceable insert. The high rigidity of the REV Broaching Tool ensures that the sharp edge of the insert has an exceptionally long service life and that broaching or slotting is carried out perfectly in line with the axis of the workpiece. The surface finish standard achieved through processing with this tool is very high. All of these characteristics together make the REV system among the most efficient and convenient mechanical precision processing systems currently available on the market. The REV Broaching Tool is available in various sizes, covering the entire range of the most common processing sizes, and each insert size can have various tolerance classes. Special insert measurements or tool shapes can be produced very rapidly, on customer demand.