Broaching tool on slotters

The REV Broaching Tool can be used, in addition to machining centres and CNC lathes, also on traditional machines such as slotting and shaping machines, offering great sturdiness and versatile use, unlike tools commonly used on these machines. To clamp the tool to slotting and shaping machines, the REV system offers a square adapter that makes it possible to process the hole in four positions at 90° angles to each other. It is made with 39NiCrMO3 which, through tempering, reaches a hardness of 58/60 HRC and is then ground. The toughness and rigidity of this material make it possible to achieve processing with an excellent surface finish. The square adapter is equipped with two threaded holes where the two M12x8 flat point grub screws are inserted and used to clamp the tool to the inside of the adapter. The timing pin guarantees a perfect position of the tool in relation to the work axis. The square adapter is available in two measurements: with a hole diameter of 25 mm and another measuring 32 mm. REV offers the solution of clamping the tool on by a square adapter, however, this is only one of the many ways it is possible to set up the REV Broaching Tool on slotting and shaping machines. REV technicians are in fact able to adapt the tool to all slotting and shaping machines on the market by modifying the part designed for clamping to the machine.